Mr. Kumarswamy Kalmath (Diploma in Ayurveda Pharmacy), after obtaining his Master Degree in Engineering from MSRIT, started his career at the age of 23yrs, in reputed companies such as NetApp & IBM. Being a software engineer he was fond of AYURVEDA & TraditionalNatural healing process.

Even though happy & resourceful, the ways of the world has been tainted by most of the emerging technologies. Obtaining health was never short of a dedicated practice. After struggling for long time in finding a solution for Migraine problem, finally Ayurveda has helped him in getting rid of major concern, with the help of Nagaraj D (A Traditional Healer & Herbs specialist).

In order to help people who are suffering and struggling everyday as such as Mr. Kumarswamy, he founded VAGBHATA HERBS in 2019, August with a vision of disease free society.

Since then we have received a lot of public response and support to this day and making lives better forever. Its been a fantastic journey so far, but we still have road to cover.

Live with nature!


Our body is made of Five primary elements of nature i.e Panchabhuta. And our body understands only the language of these elements, that are Air, Space, Water, Earth and Fire.

Our body faces problems or feel uncomfortable as we call it as diseases more than discomfort, are due to imbalance or disharmony in these elements. If we try and maintain the balance, the body will automatically revert back to its best possible status that we call as “Health“.

Since we have established the basic understanding of our body, you might think that there are other means of recovering from a health problem. The imbalance or disharmony in the five elements can only be solved or maintained by another natural being or thing in our nature, which is also made of five elements. For example: Plants, Animals, Water, Earth etc. That’s why our culture has always been the way of “Living with Nature“. We consume products mainly from either plant, water or animals. Because these products provides us the necessary “Energy” that our body requires and maintain the state of balance that is necessary for health. 

Our Tradition is such that, we always worship plants and animals. We plant a holy basil and coconut trees along with other plants in our backyard and have cattle that we always turn to solve our everyday life problems. We see our god in all things, not just plants or animals but also in Vehicles, electronics, buildings etc. So we believe that all the things in nature are born from same element that created the earth which was once, just a giant ball of fire.

We at “VAGBHATA HERBS”, thrive to provide you the best quality “Herbal Nutritional Products & Supplements” and are prepared with “Traditional Methods“. All our products are purely made of Natural Herbs or Plants. The raw herbs are of premium quality, from reputed suppliers whose goal also align with providing consumers best quality materials to help them with their health. We believe in “Think Global, Act Local”, as our aim is to provide you the benefits of local & rich knowledge of Ayurveda but in World Class Quality.

For more than 10 years, Mr. Nagaraj D is providing valuable health service to thousands of people including me, “Kumarswamy Kalmath”, the founder of “Vagbhata Herbs”. Fortunately i was among his patients and has immensely benefited from his herbal remedies, tips for good health and calm mind. 

VAGBHATA HERBS has been founded to help the people like me, who are in need of genuine & natural remedies. The solutions which are not natural tend to imbalance the body enormously causing more serious health problems and due to this very reason, people are looking towards our tradition of natural alternatives with great hope.

As said by our Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi ji, Local to Global is our goal. There is no shortage of knowledge on Ayurveda and natural remedies but very few are working towards providing these solutions to people in need. But now we are here to bring you the best possible natural solutions for most of your health problems that our products will help with. These are all natural and organic hence there are no known side effects. We are also certified from GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) from WHO and FSSAI from Govt of India.